Bees, Riddles and a Talking Dung Beetle

We had a very busy half term week here at the museum. You could say it was buzzing!  It was great to meet so many young people interested in entomology and all things invertebrate! If you weren’t able to join us, here is a taste of what we had on offer.

Insects: Beastie or Bestie?

Our new family Science Show:  Insects: Beastie or Bestie? played to a packed house on Tuesday 26th October.  Staff from the museum showed off their acting skills as they took on the roles of a large, chatty dung beetle and an insect-phobic visitor to the museum.

Helped by members of the audience, the unlikely pair looked at the wonderful, and vitally important, role of insects in our world. From their position as pollinators, to their function in food chains; from the waste they recycle, to the many hours of joy and entertainment they bring as the heroes and villains of so many films, TV shows and books, all bases were covered! The audience went away with a greater understanding of why insects are vital to our existence and what we can all do to help safeguard their future.

Bees and Riddles

As well as enjoying the show, the Crunchy on the Outside team were also in the museum with some challenging insect activities for our young entomologist friends to try. 

In our To Bee or Not to Bee activity, we had 10 beautiful specimens for people to view: 5 bees, 4 flies and 1 moth, but could our visitors tell which was which?  Some clues in the entomology gallery helped identify these tricky mimics.

Have a look at these two specimens.  Which one is a bee?  What type of insect is the other one? 

Let us know what you think using CONTACT US or leave a comment below.

We also had a super tricky quiz with answers to be found in our entomology gallery.  This included some really challenging insect riddles (courtesy of Susie!).  Here is one of the riddles.  Which insect do you think this might be? 

For buzzing insects in your garden, consider what to grow.

Lavender and foxglove seeds are the ones to sow.

When looking for a home, and deciding what is best

This solitary bee makes an old snail shell its nest.

Lavender. Image credit: Thowra uk CC BY 2.0; Snail Shell. Image credit: Aesop CC BY-SA 2.0

Send your answers to us using CONTACT US or leave a comment below.

We will be hosting more Crunchy on the Outside events in the future.  Remember to check back regularly to be the first to find out about them. 

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