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Cartooning with Chris: Adding perspective and colour

Previously, Chris Jarvis showed us how to draw a mighty Minotaur Beetle (Typhaeus typhoeus) complete with its own ball of dung! In this video Chris returns to add some finishing touches to this picture. He shows us how to convey the size of the beetle, and how to use colour to great effect. We’d love… Continue reading →

Red-Tailed Bumblebee

If you see a big jet-black bumblebee with a red tail in Britain, its probably the Red-tailed Bumblebee, Bombus lapidarius. If it has a scruffy white collar, then its a male. The Red-tailed Bubmblebee has extended its range northwards in recent years and is now common throughout Britain. It can often be seen in parks… Continue reading →

Events 4U in ’22!

Happy New Year!  We hope 2022 is full of exciting times and awesome insect discoveries. We are SO excited because this year, we are inviting you to join us for FREE Crunchy on the Outside events here at the museum. Come and take part in some fabulous activities specially designed for young people, aged 10… Continue reading →

Carrion Beetles

Carrion beetles are a family of beetles, Silphidae, that feed on decaying organic matter, such as dead animals. This makes them important natural recyclers. They are also Ashleigh Whiffin’s favourite group of insects. She tells us a bit about them in this video: Do you know of any other insects that act as decomposers and… Continue reading →

Christmas Quiz Answers

We hope you enjoyed our Crunchy Christmas Quiz! Here are the answers. The holly and the ivy mining bee Adventomologists The Grinchafer The most wonderful time of the yearwig Snowmantis / Snowmantid Bethlehemiptera Myrrhino beetle 25 December moth Angelytra Yulepidoptera Have fun over the holidays and have a Happy New Year!